Top 7 things to add to your baby registry list

Baby registry is definitely a cool thing. But a rather challenging one if you never did it before. I decided to help you out by making a list of the most useful baby gear items I used myself during my 10 years of parenting experience.

Believe me or not some of that things are worth a highest reward in the category “Most Useful Invention of the XX Century” for making parenting a less challenging job 🙂

Here are some insights what you might need:

At number 1
Baby co-sleeper

WHY: sleep routine

Baby co-sleeper saved me from becoming a sleepless monster! Yes baby co-sleeper is one of the best baby gear inventions of all times that’s why I put it at number 1.
baby was by my side, at hand’s reach;
– it helped me to disturb my sleep less, giving me more time to get refreshed and stay sane (I become a monster when deprived of night’s sleep and I found this out when I got a baby);
– I heard the baby breathe and vice versa – the baby heard me (turns out babies sleep better at mommy’s side, they both hear and smell that mom is at hand);
– it takes no space of you family bed, changing nothing much in your usual sleep routine.
– it is safe for your baby – having a separate sleeping space.



At number 2
Lightweight stroller

WHY: less backache

When the child grows and get’s strong enough to sit on its own you might no longer need a pram. The child wants to look around and thus sitting position is preferable. Also the best would be having both sitting option with the possibility of transforming the stroller into lying position.  It helped a lot, specifically with this:

– less backache, because less carrying of weights;
– more mobility, more freedom – easy transportation;
– it is more entertaining for your baby;



At number 3

Nursery rocking chair

WHY: more relaxation

Well turns out rocking chair is very comfortable for:
– Breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
– Soothing the baby or lulling the baby to sleep.
– When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and needs additional care, or
– When the baby has a discomfort with its tummy.
– Or simply when your back needs rest.



At number 4
Baby Walker

WHY:  first steps

Babies and toddlers start exploring the world around by crawling around and putting everything into their mouth, tasting it. Thus one of the biggest and most important task on parents of a toddler would be securing the the floor. Also babies begin to lean on furniture in order to get up. Baby walker helps with this transitions – from crawling to first steps. Baby walker is a great solution for your child to help them move around your place while you tend to your chores or cook a meal. Having a baby walker is a great solution for both big houses and flats. Plus, it keeps your child entertained for a little while longer and helps with:

– baby safety
– safety of your home
– physical and sensory experiences that promote movement and cognitive skills
– encourages auditory, visual, and tactile discovery
– parents peace of mind


At number 5
Baby high chair

WHY:  meals

Baby high chair is the most used item in my parenting experience next to baby crib I am sure. Yes, we used baby high chair al least 3 times per day, some days more often starting from the period when my baby took some interest in the grown up food. Even before that, I believe, when the baby is strong enough to sit or half sit by himself. I would put him there with toys and go about my kitchen chores close by.
– you get both of your hands free a meals;
– you get a mess all in one place basically;
– it is way of entertaining your baby while doing yourself something else;



At number 6
Baby play pen/space

WHY:  safety and peace of mind

As soon as babies start to crawl around  it becomes a matter of who can get there faster: you or your crawler/toddler. Children like to explore the world around, but what if it was your beloved vase/photo frame/cups/plates/glasses…(put here anything that you think cannot be broken). I am sure you didn’t know that children can break anything. They can be employed in proof tests. My toddler son was especially successful with that. That’s why I think that baby play zone is a great solution for these:
– baby safety
– safety of your home.



At number 7

Baby monitor

WHY: less worries
Baby monitor make the life of a parent less worrisome. Newly parents can recall every time they heard their newborn sneeze, breathe, snore and that initial feeling of panic – are they OK? And then jumping up and checking on their little treasure, apologies to our second (and every next child) – at getting more parenting experience parents just assumed they were always OK. LOL…

Baby monitor would be very helpful as it allows to keep an eye on the baby during:
– Daytime baby naps (my son used to have those until he was 5 years old).
– Night baby’s sleep.
– Outdoor naps (when you have to be inside at that time or attend to something else)
– When you have two level house.
– When you child/children get bigger and play by themselves.

Just anytime when you are not around.

Please let me know if you find his useful. What things would you add?