Sleep tight all the night

How to sleep tight all the night if you just returned home with the newborn? Are you ready for me to share the 10 year experience from the mother of two? Let’s go ahead!

So settling your sleeping routine it No. 1 task of a new family! This is one of the most challenging tasks of the new parents! Why? Because a person deprived of sleep becomes a sleepless monster. Sanity is at stake! Believe me I’ve been there and I know.

When I returned from the hospital I was very tired, I didn’t have a proper rest during labor and several days afterwards that I stayed in the hospital due to the unusual place and bed and nurses coming and going as well as trying to fix the breastfeeding process in the meantime. All of this was exhausting and disturbing my usual sleep routine. By the time I was finally back home with my precious bundle I was seeing stars flying around from sleep deprivation. What I should have done first thing and what I didn’t do right away!

Several advices how to sort out your sleep routine with a newborn:

  • sleep together with your newborn during his day naps and go to bed together with the baby (do it at least for a month or two or until you sorted out his night sleep or until you feel strong enough)
  • learn about how much babies sleep at different age – I will include a chart below.
  • don’t let the baby sleep too much during the day time
  • arrange and exhausting bath for the baby before night’s sleep
  • put away your  other tasks for the first 6 month (career, achievement, active social live, nights out etc,) and just be a mom/parent. Believe me this time will pass very fast and you need this to get used to your baby and sort out your new style of live, finally simple to have rest.
  • accept help where possible from the people you can trust (from your partner/friends/relatives/baby sitter) with preparing meals/walking with the pram while the baby naps/cleaning the house/doing laundry etc. Finally use below listed baby gear inventions that will helped me a lot. I can suggest them with utmost confidence.

At number 1
Baby co-sleeper

WHY: sleep routine

Baby co-sleeper saved me from becoming a sleepless monster! Yes baby co-sleeper is one of the best baby gear inventions of all times that’s why I put it at number 1.
baby was by my side, at hand’s reach;
– it helped me to disturb my sleep less, giving me more time to get refreshed and stay sane (I become a monster when deprived of night’s sleep and I found this out when I got a baby);
– I heard the baby breathe and vice versa – the baby heard me (turns out babies sleep better at mommy’s side, they both hear and smell that mom is at hand);
– it takes no space of you family bed, changing nothing much in your usual sleep routine.
– it is safe for your baby – having a separate sleeping space.

At number 2
Baby swaddling blanket

WHY: less waking up
For several month prior to birth the baby was in a very confined place, namely mommy’s belly. That’s why swaddling the baby when putting it to  sleep would be a familiar experience to him. Also babies often can move hands and legs spontaneously and scare themselves and thus wake up when they could still be asleep. Definitely worth to give it a try. Only then you can see if your baby’s sleep will benefit from it. Actually parenting is a constant experimenting.

At number 3
Baby monitor

WHY: less worries

Baby monitor make the life of a parent less worrisome. Newly parents can recall every time they heard their newborn sneeze, breathe, snore and that initial feeling of panic – are they OK? And then jumping up and checking on their little treasure, apologies to our second (and every next child) – at getting more parenting experience parents just assumed they were always OK. LOL…

Baby monitor would be very helpful as it allows to keep an eye on the baby during:
– Daytime baby naps (my son used to have those until he was 5 years old).
– Night baby’s sleep.
– Outdoor naps (when you have to be inside at that time or attend to something else)
– When you have two level house.
– When you child/children get bigger and play by themselves.

Just anytime when you are not around.

At number 4
Nursery rocking chair

WHY: more relaxation
Well turns out rocking chair is very comfortable for:
– Breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
– Soothing the baby or lulling the baby to sleep.
– When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and needs additional care, or
– When the baby has a discomfort with its tummy.
– Or simply when your back needs rest.

At number 5
Baby night light

WHY:  helpful when changing nappies

Waking up to tend to your baby at night is itself stressful. And switching on the bright light each time is double stressful. Usually at least during the first several month of a baby’s life the parents would have to wake up at night to feed the baby, change nappies or rock the baby back to sleep. The dimmed night light will help you to perform all the needed actions with utmost comfort for both you and the baby. Also it will not wake the baby up. Babies generally are used to the dimmed light. Also there are different cool features that night light have, like making starry skies or changing colors which can be a great option later on for putting the baby to sleep when it gets bigger.

At number 6
Baby nest

WHY: comfy sleep
Same as baby swaddling blanket the baby nest is great for baby to feel like in the mummy’s belly. Confined with it all around the baby will sleep better and longer with more comfort, letting his parents to have some sleep too.  

At number 6
Baby air humidifier

WHY: cool and fresh air
Comfortable and fresh air in the room will make your baby sleep better and longer periods of time, also  it will allow you to feel more refreshed. It is also very good for you and your baby’s health.

At number 7
Baby waterproof Sheet Saver

WHY: stay dry
Sometimes dippers fail, believe me it happens. And then you have to change the whole bedding or be smart and use Baby waterproof Sheet Saver prior to the possible accident. It saves your energy and time, it saves your nerves and it helps to keep the baby dry.


What would you suggest to add up to this list of helpful mum’s hacks for sleeping tight all the night with the baby?