Maclaren umbrella stroller – which one is best to buy?

Maclaren umbrella stroller vs antique baby pram
This image is of a rare high wheel 1880’s baby pram

Can you imagine that some 60 years ago parenting looked a bit different? The reason is,  Maclaren umbrella stroller haven’t been invented yet. For at least 200 years, children transportation had stayed the same. The antiquated perambulator, or pram, as it was usually known, was out of step with the times. It was weighty, cumbersome and essentially futile for anything besides strolling around one’s own area.

History of Maclaren umbrella stroller

Luckily, Owen Finlay Maclaren, a retired British aeronautical engineer and test pilot and newly grandfather was inspired to utilize all his experience to help his daughter. He watched her and his grandson struggling to exit the plane with their cumbersome pram. It was here that his revolutionary idea was born: a folding “baby buggy”.

Turns out that Owen Maclaren, as a former aviation engineer and test pilot, who was famous for his lightweight, load-bearing designs of retractable aluminium landing gear of the Spitfire aeroplane, likewise used aluminium – lightweight and durable material, which was an innovation back then and created the first “umbrella fold” baby buggy: the B-01. Thus, child transport was changed forever.

First Maclaren umbrella stroller
First Maclaren umbrella stroller called B-01
Maclaren umbrella stroller
Revolution in baby transportation – Maclaren umbrella stroller B-01

When I learned a bit about the history of lightweight strollers or umbrella strollers I absolutely fell in love with them. The B-01 was recognized at once for its ground-breaking design. It completely changed the way parents travelled with children. Maclaren umbrella stroller B-01 was the first lightweight, aluminium baby buggy. It effortlessly folded with just one hand to about the size of an umbrella and weighed only 3kg or 6lb.

The B-01 became an immediate design icon. It was not long after this in 1967 that the item became hugely popular and Owen Maclaren set up a factory in Long Buckby to manufacture what he called the Maclaren B-01, and the world at large agreed: over two million were sold in the first 10 years. Since then it has been used by even more people including royals and celebrities.

And I’m one of the fans of Maclaren umbrella stroller. I absolutely fell in love with its lightweightedness, no odd and redundant parts – the true perfection of design thought and very convenient. This is my retro stroller which I admire.

Here are some insights why you might need one:

What is Maclaren umbrella stroller helpful with?

Today a lightweight Stroller is a must have for a mom or dad.  Going shopping, to the park, or simply for a walk. Allowing to easily fold and pack everything into the car without extra stress and muscle strength, stay mobile, travel and have fun – this is what lightweight stroller is helpful with.

When the child grows and get’s strong enough to sit on its own you might no longer need a pram. The child wants to look around and thus sitting position is preferable. Also the best would be having both sitting option with the possibility of transforming the stroller into lying position.  It helped a lot, specifically with this:

– less backache, because less carrying of weights;
– more mobility, more freedom – easy transportation;
– entertainment for your baby;

Where can Maclaren umbrella stroller be used:

  1. Travelling – compact and lightweight easily fit into plane hand luggage space.
  2. Mall –  go about your routs with less stress.
  3. City walks 
  4. Entertainment parks

So to sum up what would be some highlights a parent should look for while choosing a lightweight stroller?

Properties of Maclaren umbrella stroller:

  1. Material – aluminum frame.
  2. Wheels –  strong wheels.
  3. Storage – extra storage possibilities.
  4. Modes – lying mode would be great if the child naps outdoors.
  5. Additional features –  depends on your likes: design, material, color, add-ons.

Based on the above mentioned features I would like to make a review of best options you can choose from when considering buying such a useful piece of baby’s gear as lightweight stroller. All the options are lightweight and durable.

Maclaren umbrella stroller comparison chart:

Top 3ModelFeaturesPrice
#1Maclaren Quest Stroller

✓ New-born friendly
✓ One-handed adjustment
✓ Full-featured

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#2Maclaren Atom Stroller 
✓ New-born friendly
✓ Nice design
✓ Super Lightweight
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#3Maclaren Techno XT Stroller
✓ 4-wheel suspension
✓ Super durable
✓ Up to 55 lb
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At number 1 

Maclaren Quest Stroller

Full-featured, lightweight and compact. Newborn Safety System and compatible with Maclaren Carrycot, extendable UPF50+/waterproof hood, accessories in the box

Maclaren Quest StrollerMaclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

For parents who need a compact yet full-featured Maclaren umbrella stroller. Ideal for new-born babies and children up to 25kg/55lb. Quest is lightweight with a basic weight of 5.5kg/12.2lb and features a full recline 4-position seat with convenient one-handed adjustment, extendable leg rest and a 5-point safety harness. When the seat is fully reclined, the built-in Newborn Safety System can be deployed to create a cozy, enclosed cocoon.

INCLUDES: Premium Wind Resistant Raincover and Tether Strap

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At number 2 

Maclaren Atom Stroller  –  Style Set Travel System

Super Lightweight, Ultra-Compact Stroller, Fits On Airplane’s Overhead Storage. Car Seat Compatible. Loaded with Accessories. Multi-Position Reclining Seat

Maclaren Atom StrollerMaclaren Atom Stroller

Maclaren Atom Stroller  Maclaren Atom Stroller

I couldn’t go past this McLauren Atom lightweight stroller which is claimed to be the lightest compact fold on the market. Its basic weight at 10.8lb, carrying capacity at 55lb and newborn age suitability. Transforms into a travel system with the Atom car seat Adapters. Compatible with top selling infant car seats from Britax, Concord, Cybex and Maxi-Cosi; adaptors sold separately.

– Lightweight and compact enough to be fitted into hand luggage compartment on the plane

– Has the roomy multi-position reclining seat

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At number 3

Maclaren Techno XT Stroller

For newborns up to 55lb with extendable UPF 50+/waterproof hood, multi-position seat and 4-wheel suspension. Compatible with carry cot. Accessories in the box


Maclaren Techno XT StrollerMaclaren Techno XT StrollerMaclaren Techno XT StrollerMaclaren Techno XT Stroller

Another hit from McLauren that comes in two colors. You can do it all with one-hand- open, close, push and adjust the seat, footrest and front safety lock. The stroller comes fully assembled. The height adjustable single handle, lightweight aircraft grade aluminium frame and four-wheel suspension swivel wheels makes weaving in and out of crowds a breeze.

– One-hand compact fold with convenient auto-lock and carry strap.

– With self-service replaceable parts. High-wear items like wheels, grips, seats and hoods are available for purchase

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At number 4

Maclaren volo stroller

Extendable UPF50+/ Waterproof Hood, Breathable mesh seat, 4-Wheel Suspension and Oversized Basket. Includes: Seat Liner, Raincover, ID Tag, Tether Strap.

Maclaren volo stroller Maclaren volo stroller

Dylan’s Candy Bar Volo stroller brings festive fun to every walk. Sitting on a black Volo frame, this stroller is incredibly lightweight, easy to maneuver, fold and carry – perfect for active children 6 months and up and parents on the go. Dylan’s candy spill design is featured through out the stroller, from the inside of the UPF 50+/waterproof hood, to the seat and rain cover –  giving children a magical lens to experience the world through. The buggy comes fully assembled and ready to stroll right out of the box with coordinating accessories, including seat liner, premium wind-resistant rain cover.

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At number 5

Maclaren triumph stroller

All-purpose go fast stroller
Maclaren triumph strollerMaclaren triumph stroller

A lightweight and stylish ride that is perfect for quick errands or long-distance trips. Triumph features a fully padded seat with built-in leg support cushion and best-in-class multi-position recline.




At number 6

Maclaren double stroller – Twin Triumph

All-purpose, go fast buggy for two
Maclaren double strollerMaclaren double stroller

This lightweight and stylish twin umbrella stroller that is perfect for quick errands or long-distance trips. Twin Triumph features independently adjustable fully padded seat with built-in leg support cushion and best-in-class multi-position recline. Easy to navigate, it fits through standard doorways and the compact fold makes travelling with two a breeze.

At number 7

Maclaren major special needs stroller

Maclaren Major Elite Transport Chair- Designed for Special Needs. Lightweight at 6.7kg/14.8lb with a carrying capacity of 110lb

Maclaren major special needs stroller

This durable Major Elite Transport Chair is designed for children with special needs, weighing up to 50kg/110lb. This transport chair is equipped with a 5-point harness, padded seat, and detachable foot rest; coordinating accessories can be added for further support. Lightweight at only 6.7kg/14.7lb, it’s easy to steer, carry, and fold. This is a special product that is not designed for general use. In order to ascertain whether this product is suitable for your child’s needs, please consult with a relevant expert before you purchase.

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To sum up Maclaren umbrella stroller is an absolutely necessary thing for making parenting a better experience for both you and your baby. If you are considering buying it, you might also want to check the full list of options available on Amazon.

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