Best baby walker

Best baby walker or otherwise called mobile activity center is a great invention to engage your baby at the time they actively explore the world – I mean when they start standing up and make first steps. It is good for both the baby’s safety as well as your home safety and your peace of mind.

As soon as babies start to crawl around  it becomes a matter of who can get there faster: you or your crawler/toddler. Children like to explore the world around. And baby walker enables to make this process safe and interesting.

What is baby walker helpful with?

I think that baby walker is a great solution for your child to help them move around your place while you tend to your chores or cook a meal. Having a baby walker is a great solution for both big houses and flats. Plus, it keeps your child entertained for a little while longer.

Also babies and toddlers start exploring the world around by putting everything into the mouth, tasting it. Thus one of the biggest and most important task on parents of a toddler would be securing the the floor from anything that can potentially be swallowed – any small parts because of chocking hazard. Also pills should not be left within child’s reach, any cleaning liquids, literally anything that can be swallowed. Baby walker helps to avoid this. Thus baby walker helps with:

– baby safety
– safety of your home
– allocation of toys
– parents peace of mind

Where can you use baby walker:

  1. Kitchen –  was my place no.1 because nobody canceled home chores.
  2. Other rooms – places where you spend a lot of time, might be your cabinet, study room or work spot, in this case it would be preferred that it is lightweight to be easily moved around the house.
  3. Outdoors – can used while picnicking, on the porch etc.

So to sum up what would be some highlights a parent should take into consideration while buying baby walker?

Properties of a perfect baby high chair:

  1. Material – durable and easily cleaned material.
  2. Weight –  preferable lightweight if you plan to move it around your place.
  3. Storage – having that option would only be a big “+”.
  4. Modes – harness, soft back if the child is small or naps.
  5. Additional features –  depends on your likes: design, material, color, add-ons.

Based on the above mentioned features I would like to make a review of best options you can choose from when considering buying a baby walker.

At number 1
Baby Einstein Around We Grow 4-in-1 Walk Around Discovery Activity Center Table, Ages 6 Months+


This baby walker and Activity Center combines 4 modes to grow baby’s curiosity: Walk-Around Discovery Center; Discovery Table; Art Table; Removable Floor Toys. Provides a mix of physical and sensory experiences that promote movement and cognitive skills. Encourages auditory, visual, and tactile discovery through 15 nature-themed toys and experiences. Quick and easy assembly.