Baby play pen

Baby play penBaby play pen or otherwise called baby play space is important for both the baby’s safety as well as your home safety and your peace of mind.

As soon as babies start to crawl around  it becomes a matter of who can get there faster: you or your crawler/toddler. Children like to explore the world around, but what if it was your beloved vase/photo frame/cups/plates/glasses…(put here anything that you think cannot be broken). I am sure you didn’t know that children can break anything. They can be employed in proof tests. My toddler son was especially successful with proof testing anything he could reach.

What is baby play pen helpful with?

I think that baby play pen is a great solution for your child to have an area where you can place them while you visit the bathroom or take a quick shower or cook a meal. Having a baby play pen is essential for both big houses and flats. Plus, it keeps all children toys in one place, so your little one will stay entertained for a little while longer.

Also babies and toddlers start exploring the world around by putting everything into their mouth, tasting it. Thus one of the biggest and most important task for parents during that period would be securing the the floor from anything that can potentially be swallowed – any small parts because of chocking hazard. All medicine and  pills should not be left within child’s reach, any cleaning liquids, literally anything that can be swallowed.

– baby safety
– safety of your home
– allocation of toys
– parents peace of mind

Where can you use baby play pen:

  1. Kitchen –  was my place no.1 because nobody canceled home chores.
  2. Other rooms – places where you spend a lot of time, might be your cabinet, study room or work spot, in this case it would be preferred that it is lightweight.
  3. Outdoors – look for pop up or aluminum and mesh baby fence, they are the most lightweight and can be easily used while picnicking etc.

So to sum up what would be some highlights a parent should take into consideration while choosing a baby play pen or baby fence?

Properties of a perfect baby play pen:

  1. Material – durable plastic, metal or wooden construction, easily cleaned material.
  2. Weight –  preferable lightweight if you plan to move it around your place.
  3. Storage – having that option would only be a big “+”.
  4. Modes – low back or reclining mode would be great if the child is small or naps.
  5. Additional features –  depends on your likes: design, material, color, add-ons.

Based on the above mentioned features I would like to make a review of best options you can choose from when considering buying a baby high chair.


At number 1

Yobest Baby Playpen

Yobest Baby Playpen - baby play penYobest Baby Playpen - baby play penYobest Baby Playpen - baby play penYobest Baby Playpen - baby play pen

Yobest Baby Playpen - baby play penYobest Baby Playpen - baby play pen

The YOBEST brand was founded in 2008, the material is safe and non-toxic, you can rest assured to use. When you need to do some work at home or in the yard, you do not always have the babysitter or your spouse to watch the child while you do so. At that time, You need something that can safely house your baby that offers good visibility and ensures baby’s safety while you work. That is exactly what you will get with the YOBEST baby playpen.