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*special thanks to B Modern Designs for use of this photo.
A pretty well known fact is that my mom is deaf. She has spent my entire life struggling with surgeries, hearing aids, and ear pain.
Naturally, when I met Ellie (pictured above, with her parents Joe and Julie), it was love at first sight. Ellie was born deaf, and for the last year has been waiting for cochlear impants. The craziest thing is that she goes to the same Ear Specialist as my mom!
"Jolly" comes to mind when I think of Ellie. She has captivated everyone she knows with her bright blue eyes and willingness to smile.
After many months of waiting, Ellie finally got the go ahead in March to receive her cochlear implants.
This is her right after her surgery. Doesn't that just break your heart?
Ellie getting her implants turned on.
It has "done my heart good" to see her progress, and I am happy to report that she can now hear.
Unfortunately for this family, even with insurance, the medical bills are costly. Dr's visits, hospital stays, co-pays, time off from work...it adds up. In the midst of Ellie's Journey to Hearing, her dad had an unexpected two-week hospital stay and is currently waiting for a new kidney.
I would love your help to raise some money for Ellie and her family. From now until June 5th, MiniMe BabyGear will donate 50% of the proceeds for every sale that uses discount code ELLIE during checkout.
The shopping cart will then take .01 off.
This is not the proceed! I need to manually compute that figure, and will let you know the final results in June.
**PLEASE NOTE: You need to enter ELLIE during checkout for me to know where to allocate the proceeds. I have a few other fundraisers going on right now, and want to make sure the proceeds go to the correct family!