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Sun Hats by Jamie Rae
Sun Hats by Jamie Rae
These fabulous flower sun hats keep your delicate flower shaded and looking adorable outdoors!
Made from 100% cotton for an easy comfortable fit. Great for photographs as well.
Use for breastfeeding!
Simply put the hat on the baby's head for a quick and easy cover.
Sizes: 3-12 months 
        12 months-2T
    2-4 years 
4-6 years
Candy Pink Aloe Dot
Pink Peony, Raspberry Peony
Daisy, Rose
Candy Pink Stripe
Yellow Daisy, Pink Rose
Yellow Rose, White Rose
Candy Pink Peony, Orange Pink Peony
Light with Pink Dots
Raspberry Peony, Raspberry Daisy, Raspberry Rose
Pale Pink Hat
Pink Daisy, Pink Rose
Pale Pink Peony, Pink White Peony
Pink Black Peony, Pink Raspberry Peony
Raspberry Sunhat
Raspberry Daisy, Raspberry Rose
Pink Raspberry Peony, Black Raspberry Peony
Raspberry Rose, Orange Raspberry Peony
Candy Pink Peony, White Raspberry Peony
Raspberry Peony
Teal Rose, Candy Pink Rose
Red and White Dots
White Peony, White Rose
White Daisy, Red White Peony
White Sun Hat
White Peony, White Daisy
White Rose, Pink Peony
Pink White Peony, Orange White Peony
Raspberry Peony, Pink Black Geranium
Brown Stripe Sun Hat
Rose, Pink Peony
Daisy, White Pink Peony
Teal and Blue Sun Hat
Green Rose, White Rose
White Daisy, Teal Daisy, Teal Rose


Navy blue
Red Peony, Red White Peony, White Peony
White Raspberry Peony
Red Rose, White Rose, Red Daisy
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